Create Light.

Lab created. Precision crafted. Smile inducing. Beam Diamonds.


We believe diamonds are a source and symbol of lasting joy. Beam uses cutting-edge technology to bring the timeless beauty of diamonds to more people. Our inventory of exceptionally-graded diamonds are crafted in a laboratory and backed by industry-leading service.

Our Diamonds

Our diamonds will last a lifetime, and so does our guarantee.

All our stones are hand selected for clarity and consistency, ensuring diamonds of the highest quality.

As one of the global pioneers of lab-created diamonds, our process and stringent grading results in clarity that exceeds traditionally-mined diamonds. Pairing expert craftsmanship and efficient production, we are able to create aspirational diamonds at attainable prices.


Our Diamonds

  1. 100% lifetime guarantee on the consumer purchase price towards an equal or greater value for the lifetime of the diamond.
  2. A 90 day penalty-free exchange on goods bought for stock.
  3. Next-day delivery in a wide variety of diamond shapes and sizes, all at the highest quality and make.
  4. Full visibility in real time to available inventory through our user-friendly BEAM mobile app.


Our team has over 75 years of combined experience working with both natural and lab-created diamonds. Working extensively with retailers in the jewelry industry, we know both the challenges and solutions that are important to them. Our approach is highly collaborative, and we will work together with you to deliver on your needs. We elevate every diamond with the quality of our service. From selecting, to ordering, to delivery, our team of experts is here to find the perfect diamond for any piece.

woman displaying a shiny diamond on her hand